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Mission: Consumer Focus is a marketing consulting firm specializing in quantitative and qualitative marketing research designed to provide winning marketing strategy recommendations. 

Consumer Focus can assist you in obtaining customer insights in the following areas:

bulletCustomer relationship marketing
bulletAdvertising and communication
bulletBrand/corporate identity/image
bulletNew products and services
bulletInternal process improvements

Consumer Focus can provide important consumer insights!....Consumer Focus can help you improve your marketing programs!...

Services Include:
bulletQuantitative Marketing Research Design & Management
bulletFocus Groups
bulletOne-on-One Interviews
bulletBrainstorming & Ideation Sessions
bulletMarketing Program Assessments
bulletActionable Recommendations!

Results of Consumer Focus Research Strategy Recommendations Include:

bulletNew products and advertising that increased profits per customer contact providing compound gains of more than 40%.
bulletBrainstorming sessions resulting in over 1,000 successful product and service implementation ideas.

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