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Sue Stewart, the President of Consumer Focus, draws on over 15 years of senior-level experience in marketing research, consumer marketing, direct marketing,  financial services, and affinity marketing to provide marketing insights and make actionable, customer focused recommendations.

Sue's career includes over 15 years of senior-level experience in:
bulletMarketing Research
bulletMarketing Communications
bulletMarketing Strategy
bulletCustomer Relationship Marketing
bulletProduct Development
bulletMarketing Program Management

Career Highlights:

bullet2001 - Started company to offer marketing research, customer relationship marketing, and marketing strategy consulting services.  Clients include major banking, direct marketing, energy, financial services, insurance and retail companies.
bullet1994 - 2001--Vice President of Marketing for JCPenney Direct Marketing Services (JCPenney DMS)
bullet1999 - 2001--Responsible for customer relationship management and marketing management for all JCPenney DMS customers (approximately 50 major business partners and 140 million individual customers)
bullet1992 - 2001--Responsible for JCPenney DMS marketing programs to JCPenney customers
bullet1981 - 1991--Managed marketing research functions.

Sue's experience in both qualitative and quantitative research techniques is extensive.  She is a trained focus group moderator, with experience in moderating groups and conducting one-on-one interviews and executive interviews on a variety of topics.

Sue received a B.B.A. and a M.B.A. from the University of North Texas.  Sue is a published author and has been a speaker at the Direct Marketing Association and other industry conferences.

                                                        Contact us: sstewart@consumerfocusco.com, 214-542-8787