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Consumer Focus customizes each project based on client needs.  For example, for Focus Groups, the services we provide can range from complete study design, management, execution and reporting to moderating services only, depending on client preferences and needs.  From complete project design and management to extra assistance to complete a project by the deadline -- we're ready to help.

Areas of Specialization:

bulletProduct concepts or enhancements
bulletAdvertising and communication effectiveness
bulletBrand/corporate identity/image
bulletCustomer reactions and understanding
bulletCustomer satisfaction
bulletActionable recommendations

Marketing Research Design and Management

Consumer Focus provides design, management, analysis, reporting and recommendations on quantitative and qualitative research projects of all types and sizes.

Focus Groups (Full groups, triads, dyads, one-on-ones and executive interviews)

CustomerLink & ServiceLink

CustomerLink is a technique designed to gather insights from groups of customers, such as Loyal Customers, or Lost Customers.  ServiceLink is a technique designed to gather insights from customer touch points within your company, such as customer service and sales representatives.  Results include analysis and actionable recommendations.

Marketing Program Consulting

Audits and assessments of marketing, sales and communication programs and materials, with action recommendations for enhancements and new programs.

Product Line Assessment and Development

Audits and assessments of product array, with action recommendations for enhancements and new product development.

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